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Should I be watering my trees in this heatwave? 
Young trees should be watered regularly; every couple of weeks, and more often in dry weather, for at least two years after they are planted. In times of drought, when it hasn’t rained for a month or more (what we are currently experiencing), even large, mature trees will need watering. 
Firstly, when watering mature/established trees, provide enough water to moisten the soil to a depth of 10" or more and concentrated the water on the areas beneath the branches, not just the trunk. A tree will spread its roots out to the sides, so setting up a sprinkler or irrigation system under the tree branches will give the water a better chance to reach the roots. The best way to water is slowly and for a long time. You don't need to do this often as established trees hold a huge supply of water. In dry conditions, once every couple of weeks should be sufficient.  
Recently planted trees have not got a large network of roots yet, so they will definitely require more watering. Their roots will be closer to the trunk, so it's best to concentrate the water there at the root ball.  
Try to avoid growing plants or grass on top of the root system as they will use up the majority of the water intended for the tree, stopping it from getting to its roots. It's best to mulch the area at the base of the tree, as it retains moisture in the soil. We'd suggest leaving a gap between the mulch and the trees and avoid piling it at the base of the tree to prevent rotting.  
Your trees may show signs that they are thirsty; the leaves will start to wilt / curl up and will look dry. It is possible to recover a tree at this stage by following the steps above as soon as possible.  
Today we are happy. The sun is shining and the snow has finally gone. Although there is rumour of it's return at the end of the week, we are going to carry on pretending that it's not going to happen (just like we did this time last week), because spring is just around the corner! The buds are popping out left right and centre and the new leaves are starting to make their journey out into the world. 
Another reason we are very happy is because this is the time of year that the phone rings non stop and our feet don't touch the floor until the start of Winter. We usually end up having a long waiting list in the Spring and Summer months, so, it's a good idea to get ahead of the queue and organise a date for your regular pruning, hedge cutting and tree reductions sooner rather than later. 
March is a great time for laying mulch on your borders and beds, this will help eliminate any weeds, keep in lots of moisture and provide a good healthy dose of nutrients to your soil ready for growing plants. It's also a good time to do any pruning to established bushes, standard roses and late-summer flowering deciduous shrubs. 
If you're not sure what to do this month, two links below have some great tips. 
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