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Whilst we are all on lockdown, we are all looking for activites that are both educational and fun for our kids to do. So, we decided to create a little quiz for children of all ages. We will be posting regular activities here for you to do at home, or on whilst out on a walk. We hope we can help in a small way to keep kids learning about trees and nature through out this unusual time. Sending lots of hope and strength to you all 🌲💚🌳 

Tree Quiz!! 🌳 

Question 1: 
What season do trees leaves turn from Green to Orange/Red? 
1. Spring 
2. Summer 
3. Autumn 
4. Winter 
Question 2: 
Which of the following fruit grows on a tree? 
1. Blueberry 
2. Grape 
3. Melon 
4. Orange 
Question 3: 
What special day do we celebrate by decorating a tree? 
1. Birthday 
2. Christmas 
3. Easter 
4. Halloween 
Question 4: 
What animal lives in a tree? 
1. Cat 
2. Squirrel 
3. Dog 
4. Guinea Pig 
Question 5: 
Trees help us humans in many ways, but which of the following is FALSE? 
1. We use trees to send messages to each other 
2. We use trees to breath 
3. We use trees for food 
4. We use trees for medicine 
Question 6: 
Roughly how many trees are there on Earth? 
Question 7: 
What part of the tree grows under the ground? 
1. Leaves 
2. Trunk 
3. Fruit 
4. Roots 
Question 8: 
What is the wood on the outside of the trunk known as? 
1. Peel 
2. Skin 
3. Bark 
4. Shell 
Question 9: 
What do trees remove from the atmosphere? 
1. Carbon Dioxide 
2. Oxygen 
3. Light 
4. Dust 
Question 10: 
What are trees called that keep their green leaves all year round? 
1. Alwaysgreen 
2. Evergreen 
3. Greenalways 
4. Greenforever 
Question 11: 
If you cut a slice out of a tree, you can see rings, what do these rings tell us? 
1. How many seeds its produced 
2. How tall it is 
3. How old it is 
4. How many times it's rained 
Question 12: 
Which of the following trees produce Conkers? 
1. Chestnut 
2. Oak 
3. Birch 
4. Pine 
Q1 = 3 
Q2 = 4 
Q3 = 2 
Q4 = 2 
Q5 = 1 
Q6 = 4 
Q7 = 4 
Q8 = 3 
Q9 = 1 
Q10 = 2 
Q11 = 3 
Q12 = 1 


During the next few months, we are going to be taking it a day at a time and following instruction from our government. We have already implemented several ways of protecting our team whilst they are at work. We ask our customers to help us reduce the risk of spreading the virus by doing the following things: 
• Ensure the access to the garden is not restricted by opening gates before we arrive. 
• We politely suggest you do not make tea/coffee for the team. They will bring their own drinks/food. 
• Keep at a safe distance from our team at all times, not only to risk the spread of the virus, but also for your safety when work is taking place. 
• Please do say hello to the team even if its through a window (open or closed!) We don’t mind, as long as we know you have seen us, we can crack on with the job. 
• If you don’t plan to be at home, that’s no problem. Please do let us know before hand, so our team are aware. 
• Avoid giving us cheques and cash – we accept payment via BACS and debit/credit card over the phone. 
• If you have kids at home, we love having our portraits drawn when at work! 😊 
For new quotes, we are booking video call appointments, rather than someone coming to your property. We can look at the work required and provide quotes for work all from the comfort and safety of our homes. Our quotes are valid for 6 months, so should you wish to wait until the risk is less, you can.  
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