Today we are happy. The sun is shining and the snow has finally gone. Although there is rumour of it's return at the end of the week, we are going to carry on pretending that it's not going to happen (just like we did this time last week), because spring is just around the corner! The buds are popping out left right and centre and the new leaves are starting to make their journey out into the world. 
Another reason we are very happy is because this is the time of year that the phone rings non stop and our feet don't touch the floor until the start of Winter. We usually end up having a long waiting list in the Spring and Summer months, so, it's a good idea to get ahead of the queue and organise a date for your regular pruning, hedge cutting and tree reductions sooner rather than later. 
March is a great time for laying mulch on your borders and beds, this will help eliminate any weeds, keep in lots of moisture and provide a good healthy dose of nutrients to your soil ready for growing plants. It's also a good time to do any pruning to established bushes, standard roses and late-summer flowering deciduous shrubs. 
If you're not sure what to do this month, two links below have some great tips. 
If you would like to book a regular visit or call for a new quote, please contact Sophie in the office on 01932 877619 or mob 07738857619. 
Dismantle of a large poplar and reduction of another. We had the help of a large crane to enable us to lift the pieces over the top of a development. Climber on the left is Rob and climber on the right is Alex. We were working for a large developer in the Titlarks Estate Sunningdale. 
We were called out to an emergency job in St Johns to remove this fallen Eucalyptus from a house and shed. Luckily there was only minor damage to the roof. We managed to secure ropes to hold the tree whilst removing sections at a time and remove it safely without causing any further damage to the property 
Occasionally we find ourselves having to remove an entire tree that is healthy but unwanted for our clients. As we want to reduce our carbon footprint and support the UKs woodland, we pledge to plant one tree for every healthy tree felled or a donation will be made to the Woodland Trust. 
We are very proud to announce we have completed all of our Utility Arb training and all 6 climbers are now fully qualified to undertake work in the Utility Arb sector. This is a big step for our little company. We hope it enables us to take on new challenges and grow. 
Utility Arb is tree work based in areas with close proximity to electricity supplies, railways, waterways and telecommunications networks. It's a little different than the domestic front and back garden work that we are used to but the principles are the same...dont damage anything and dont get hurt! 
But in all seriousness, we are extremely pleased that all the guys passed with flying colours and we're very excited to get stuck in. We have a couple of future prospects that could see us working for some of the largest electrical companies in the UK. So watch this space... 
Last week, we were working for Horsell Common Preservation Society, maintaining the trees along the roadside, reducing some over hanging branches and deadwooding, then chipping straight back into the common. We do this a few times throughout the year, to help keep the road safer. 
What a transformation. All finished before 11am this morning by some of our guys in Woking. They've turned a previously overgrown and busy front garden into an attractive and clean looking space, allowing so much more light into the house.  
Job well done Lads! 
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